Online Astana Finance Days 2020: Markets in a Changing World

Within the framework of “Online Astana Finance Days 2020: Markets in a Changing World”, the Association of Islamic Finance Professionals together with the AIFC Bureau for Continuing Professional Development glad to invite everyone to the panel session - “Challenges and Opportunities of Fintech Startups in the CIS in the Halal Sphere”.
You will have the opportunity to get relevant and useful information from the founders and experts of various organizations in the field of Islamic finance and halal business in the CIS.
How to start a successful startup in Islamic business and finance, what problems exist in the field of Islamic fintech? The session participants will receive answers to these and other questions from business professionals.

The session is moderated by Ms. Kuralay Yeldesbay, the Chairman of the Board of Association of Islamic Finance Professionals.

At the session Speakers from the CIS countries are expected to give a speech: 
✔ Sarkhan Bayramov - President of the Association for the Promotion of the Development of the Digital Economy and Blockchain Technologies (Russia);
✔ Talant Kerimbaev - Managing Director of the Islamic Financial Center “Bakai Bank” (Kyrgyzstan);
✔ Ilgar Mehti - Founder and director of the consulting company "EKVITA" (Azerbaijan);
✔ Rustam Rakhmatov - Founder and CEO of the fintech company "IMAN" (Uzbekistan);
✔ Zuhursho Rakhmatulloev - Co-founder of Alif Bank and fintech companies (Tajikistan).

The event will be held in online format on the COMDI platform in Russian, July 1, 18:30 - 19:30 (GMT + 2) Baku time
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01 İyl, 2020