Reminder on Compulsory Medical Insurance

We would like to remind you that the amendments to the Law “On Compulsory Medical Insurance” will come into force as of January 1, 2021.

There are no changes in the basic information on the different categories of the insured and amount of insurance premiums established by law, and it is reflected in the table below.


Insured Person

Paid by / from

Insurance Premium

1.   Сitizens of the Republic of Azerbajian;

2.   Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan receiving refugee status;

3.   Foreigners and stateless persons under the auspices of the Office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

State Budget

AZN 90 per person for one calendar year

Employees, military servicemen (with exceptions), persons appointed to positions held by the Milli Majlis and foreign bodies, persons related to elective paid positions.



2% +0.5% of the amount over

AZN 8,000by the employee

2%0.5% of the amount over

AZN 8,000by the employer

Individuals (individual entrepreneurs, private notaries, members of the Bar Association) registered as taxpayers shall act as insured themselves (with certain exceptions).

Insured person’s minimum monthly wage

4% of the minimum monthly wage

Individuals performing on the basis of civil contracts

Insured person’s income

2% + 1% of the income amount over AZN 8,000


Terms according to the amendments:

  1. Mandatory health insurance is applied in stages across the administrative-territorial units of the country, considering the appropriate sequence, subject to its completion within 2021. In Baku and Sumgait this has been set out as April, 2021.
  2. The amount of insurance premium paid up to 8,000 AZN of wages of employees of the private owned non-oil and gas sectors will be subject to 50 % (fifty per cent) discount until 1 January 2022.


08 Oct, 2020