Dispute resolution

Our dispute resolution experience includes not only domestic litigation practice but also international arbitration and several landmark cases in the UK and US courts as well as recognition and enforcement cases in Azerbaijan. Key highlights are:


  • Successfully represented an American company in circa $2.5 million litigation in Azerbaijan.
  • Advised major oil company on its $0.8 million litigation in a foreign (Cayman) jurisdiction.
  • Acted as legal expert in New York court and as foreign legal witness in UK for the largest commercial bank of Azerbaijan.
  • Represented prominent French entrepreneur in recognition of foreign (Belgium) court ruling in Azerbaijan.
  • Successfully represented a UK company in a major controversial employment litigation in Azerbaijan.
  • Represented a UK based company in a loan and real estate related dispute (amount in dispute is approximately AZN 130 million).
  • Successfully represented several foreign investors operating in Azerbaijan, including US-listed companies on alleged Tax Crimes before the Department of Preliminary Investigation of Tax Crimes of the Ministry of Taxes.
  • Acting as a legal expert on the matter of Azerbaijani law in international arbitration.
  • Representing one of the largest confectionery manufacturers in Ukraine and Russia in complex IP disputes (more than 20 trademarks are in dispute).