SME & Rural Development

With a significant experience in SME and rural development, Ekvita has been working on the capacity development of rural entrepreneurs through various donor-funded programs  starting from 2015.

Among our projects, Ekvita is currenlty implementing a 2 year EU funded entrepreneurship program covering several regions of Azerbaijan, with the aim to raise rural livehood, inclusion of vulnerable groups in business activities and promote the establishment of a more integrated Public and Private Dialogue.  

In addition to that, EKVITA is the sole implementing partner of The Enterprise Development Program, initiative sponsored by BP and its co-ventures. The program offers a unique platform for the development of local SMEs towards international standards, helps them in the application of  best international practices to reach new marktets and higher growth targets. Since 2016, with the contribution of 73% local experts, 20 projects were implemented to support 170 SMEs in Oil and Gas, Facility and Equipment maintenance, IT services, Event management, Training provision, Agriculture, Family businesses, HVAC, Freight Forwarding, Plastic Waste Management, Furniture manufacturing sectors. Always under the Enterprise Development Program, Ekvita assisted family households under ABAD initiative, assisted farmers in remote areas to improve their quality management standards, financial literacy  and provide tailored ad hoc trainings according to the family specializations.