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List of Management Consulting Services

Institutional Strengthening & Capacity Building

We work with organizations from both the public and private sectors to strengthen their institutional and human capacity by assessing and analyzing individual and institutional performance factors. The concept of Institutional Development and capacity building is based on perceiving organizations as adaptive systems and taking ad hoc approaches according to existing performance gap.

Institutional capacity development is a challenge for many institutions, which has direct effects on organizational performance. Our intervention tries to go beyond training and coaching and to adjust potential factors affecting performance.

Strategy Development & Project Portfolio Management

Business lifecycle requires management and decision makers to face continuing challenges to remain high-performing. In these phases, risk assessment and previous experiences can help to lay the necessary background for successful decisions. Our consultants help to overcome corporate development in different types of business organizations.

Organisational Transformation

We work in reforming and reconfiguring processes and procedures in transitioning organizations. Our consultancy helps management and technical staff to overcome transformation to both private and public organizations. We analyze our clients` process and performances gaps and assist them to adopt adequate performance solutions. Our approach guarantees our clients to face all challenges arising from organizational transformation.

SME Development

We offer full lifecycle solutions for various businesses operating in the region. Our goal is to deliver innovative solutions and adequate practice management services according to each SMEs needs. The process requires a deep understanding and analysis of each market in order to label ad hoc trainings in a flexible and efficient way.

Public Private Dialogue

We operate to establish and strengthen the public relations and communications between public and private stakeholder. Our high engagement in BSOs, gives our consultants the necessary background to promote interaction between public and private in every business field.

Legal Approximation

We advise public sector to enhance local legislation to international standards. Our extensive legal background enables us to deliver successful policy advising using international best practices to elaborate policies in different sectors. We provide technical assistance to different Ministries of Azerbaijan in Solid Waste Management, Drafting of Tender Documentation, and Adoption of National Reference Laboratories and many other area of the law.

Market Research

Market Research represents a necessary phase for the understanding of each business. We support enterprises in analyzing external and internal environment, create data collection and develop necessary strategies reflecting market needs. In most cases, prior to commencement of a capability development process we identify and short-list prospective target companies by undertaking comprehensive market research. So far, we analysed hundreds of companies and conducted in-depth researched on many of them to determine their initiate gaps.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Improvement of accountability, decision making and program development require monitoring and evaluation tools. Monitoring and evaluation generally serves as a guide for project implementation and management, it allows different stakeholders to have information on the achievement made and any remaining disparity between targets and actual achievements. Through project evaluation we identify negative and positive factors to understand to what extent project results have been achieved and their impact.

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