Ekvita as ABMS (anti-bribery management systems) consultant

Consultancy work for ABMS certification covers the following phases:


  1. Preliminary audit

It aims defining key issues to be considered prior to consultancy actions and preparing comprehensive checklist for in-depth diagnostics of the organization as per ABMS requirements.


  1. Diagnostics

Diagnostics is the process where the current state of anti-bribery management at the organization is defined.


  1. Corrective actions

Where applicable, Ekvita define and jointly implement corrective actions against non-conformities with ISO 37001 standards.


  1. Final audit

In the end Ekvita audits the state of Anti-bribery Management System at the organization.

Final audit report reflects summary of the preliminary audit report including its findings, corrective actions taken to address them, and consequent audit findings. The report also includes Ekvita’s recommendations for continual improvement.