Full Outsourced Support

Ekvita's attitude to client support is best illustrated by its uniquely tailored fully outsourced legal support, some of which are listed here by way of example only:


  • Represented Korea's largest IT corporation on a $150 million Government telecommunications project – installation of Intelligent Transport System in Baku, Azerbaijan. Ekvita covered all legal, tax and finance support to the Project. We were involved from the start through to the project completion, and played critical role in resolving all negotiations disputes with the Regulator, the Ministry of Transport.
  • Acted as a local counsel for a major US marine operations company supplying and operating three boats in the Caspian Sea engaged in multi-PSA marine operations. Ekvita's roles included full legal, and subsequently, tax accounting work for several years.
  • Acting as a local legal, tax and finance function for Norway's second largest company operating in Azerbaijan in the oil and gas industry. Ekvita covers full legal, tax and finance support.
  • Provided fully outsourced legal support to the largest ski mountain resort project in Azerbaijan for more than 5 years.
  • Provided fully outsourced legal support to Caspian International Investment Company established by the Islamic Corporation for Development of Private Sector (ICD) and the Azerbaijani Government.