Know How Academy

As part of its efforts to support tens of thousands of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) facing the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic, the EBRD has created an online crisis management knowledge and information hub designed specifically for the small and micro enterprises that most need practical assistance now to manage the impact of coronavirus.


The “Know How to…in a Crisis” online hub provides interactive training, videos from sector experts and vital country-specific information about resources for MSMEs provided by governments and local banks.

The first Customers and suppliers module of the platform already launched.  

The new module called Financial Management Essentials launched on 26 June.

The aim of this module is to develop essential financial skills and knowledge specifically tailored to helping small businesses survive and respond proactively in a crisis and to provide practical tools to help them plan and implement what they have learned.

Three modules focusing on Financing your firm; Your staff: your key asset and Management and leadership challenges will be launching over the next few weeks.

It is entirely free to use.

View the programme at

Supported by @EUnear @europeaid, the EBRD’s Small Business Impact Fund (@MOF.Japan.english, @moefkorea, @minfinlux, @sidaSverige, Italy, @USTreasuryDept, Switzerland, TaipeiChina).



29 JUN, 2020