A video conference was held between the High Technologies Park of ANAS and Ekvita

A video conference on the cooperation plans between the “High Technologies Park of ANAS” LLC and Ekvita was held on June 26, with the participation of the management and the staff of both organizations.

Strategic goals, current activities, initiatives, achievements and gaps of the Park, as well as results of the preliminary analysis regarding the important actions to be taken to ensure that the Park responds to best practices were discussed during the meeting.

The founder and Director of Ekvita Ilgar Mehti brought to the attention of the Park’s staff group of services based on the Company’s experience in the development of special economic zones, long-term consultancies for startups, small and medium businesses, as well as oil and gas, ICT, construction and agricultural entities.

Implementation of the extremely important actions, such as the establishment of the Innovation Fund, the Patent Service's compliance with requirements, as well as resident identification and involvement, enhancement of the business partnerships, management of the intellectual property issues, participation both in local and international tenders were discussed within the meeting.

Ekvita's proposal was highly welcomed by Ali Abbasov and the staff of the Park.

EKVITA is a local full-service legal, tax, and management consulting company with more than 60 professionals. The Company implements several projects in a number of sectors of the economy in close cooperation with the World Bank, the European Union, the Asian Development Bank, and other international organizations.

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27 JUN, 2020