Cooperation agreement among Innovation Agency, EKVITA, “AGRIBIOEKOTEX” LLC, “TRENDTECH” LLC and “FRUCTUS” LLC

Cooperation Agreement was signed between Innovation Agency under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan, EKVITA, “AGRIBIOEKOTEX” LLC, “TRENDTECH” LLC and “FRUCTUS” LLC on 13th of February, 2020.

The goal is to contribute to the agricultural industry, which directly affects the economy of the country and to carry out joint activities to introduce environmentally friendly, biological pesticides, minerals and other fertilizers on test fields.

Innovation Agency will serve as a center of cooperation, EKVITA will provide both consulting and training services. Furthermore, “AGRIBIOEKOTEX”, “TRENDTECH” will provide organic mineral products for land enrichment,  while “Fructus” will provide test fields.  

EKVITA is a full-service legal, tax and management consulting company with circa 40 full time professionals. Its active clients include several Fortune 500 companies operating globally. The company have also been engaged in government projects as well as worked for international donor organizations such as World Bank.

EKVITA company delivers integrated professional services combining general business advisory support with very strong legal, finance and tax practice.

The leading position of EKVITA in the market has been recognized by international ranking institutions and other relevant international standards.

20 Feb, 2020