Support the Government of Azerbaijan in development and implementation of export strategy

Following a request from the Government of Azerbaijan, the European Union financed a project “Supporting regulatory framework for improving the business environment” with an output to facilitate the drafting of the National Export Strategy. The specific purpose of the strategy is to “To double non-oil exports of Azerbaijan by 2025 compared with 2020 through increased exports of high quality, value-added products by developing a sound internationally linked quality infrastructure and conducive business environment for all, large and SME". Planet SA as contractor together with Ekvita will help in the delivery of the following component  in the project:
• Component 1: Establishing and operationalizing a system for effective coordination and monitoring of non-oil export
• Component 2: Strengthening the institutional and service delivery capacity of AzPromo 
• Component 3: Aligning Quality Infrastructure system with the international standards to ensure recognition of quality and acceptance of export products

02 Dec, 2020