Designing and Implementing Gender Components of the Uzbekistan: Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Corridor 2 (Bukhara–Miskin–Urgench–Khiva) Railway Electrification Project

With a kick off meeting held in November 2021, Azerbaijan based consulting company EKVITA has been implementing an Asian Development Bank project in Uzbekistan under the Putting Women on the Right Track in the Railway Sector loan. Scope of the project is to promote and encourage involvement of women in STEM education and TVET related to Railway linked professions and Tourism and to enhance the capacities of women from the communities in the project area by helping them meet skills requirements for railway operations and management and also assist women in communities engaged in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Main stakeholders of the project are TVET centers, UTY as well as Tashkent State Transport University.

One of the major activities perfomed under the assignment that is worth mentioning is a detailed gender assessment in Uzbekistan (with key focus on the railway and tourism sector) as well as a large scale survey analysis with an aim to identify major topics for the planned capacity building activities.

For this assignment EKVITA collaborates with experienced international railway and gender specialists as well as other Uzbek nationals.

In last years, EKVITA has participated in various commercial projects covering the topics such as gender equality, SME and start-up development, labour policy and TVET in Central Asia and the Caucasus. EKVITA is proud to be leading a Technical Assistance team of this particular project in Uzbekistan in a sensitive topic of gender equality and inclusivity. 

02 Nov, 2022