Job Announcement: Junior HR/OQS Specialist

EKVITA is currently looking for Junior Human Resources/Occupational and Qualification Standards Specialist for conducting job analysis and preparation of the national occupational and qualification standards.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Conducting of Job analysis.
2. Preparing draft version of the national occupational and qualification standards in various sectors of the economy
3. Collecting information and input from the experts and jobholders regarding the required knowledge and skills of the labor force
4. Researching jobs and occupations at the international level
5. Adapting the prepared draft versions of the national occupational and qualification standards to the relevant international standards (ISCO 08, etc.)
6. Determining the knowledge and skills of the current labor force in the economy
7. Performing other related duties daily assigned by the employer

Required qualifications:

1. Bachelor’s degree or higher (preferably in human resource management, management, business administration, project management, public administration)
2. Ability to use Azerbaijani language at a professional level and adhere to the official language norms (phonetic norms, lexical rules, grammar)
3. Fluency in English and at least one other language (Russian, Turkish, etc.)
4. Ability to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Microsoft Excel effectively
5. Strong persuasion and presentation skills
6. Strong verbal and written communication skills
7. Effective teamwork skills
8. Time management skills, ability to plan his/her time effectively and adhere to the tight deadlines

Interested candidates are kindly asked to submit their CVs under the subject “Junior HR/OQS Specialist” to

Deadline: 01.10.2021

31 Aug, 2021