Post-COVID-19 - Online Conference

EKVITA successfully participated in another important event regarding Post-COVID-19 - Online Conference "Recovering SMEs" organized by CCIAF

Project Manager of EKVITA Jala Sardarly highlighted  growing interest in agriculture sector and shared results of  2 key relevant Projects implemented by EKVITA.

"The main goal of the “Improved Support to Entrepreneurial Development in Rural Areas” Project financed by the European Union is to enhance entrepreneurial qualities, learning and networking skills, and professional awareness. So far, the Project has undertaken a range of training sessions successfully engaging SMEs and provided a unique opportunity for them to cooperate and learn from good examples." Jala brought into the attention of the audience.

Jala indicated that in parallel with the EU financed project, EKVITA is an implelenting partner of the Enterprise Development Program (EDP). EDP has contributed to building the principles of equal partnership and fair competition ensuring increased role of national enterprises to satisfy the demand for most goods and services. The Program has been offering a set of support tools for different segments of business. Support tools relate to provision of consulting services and expert advice in structural transformations and creating added values. Successful implementation of the Program ensures the competitiveness of national companies on the world market. Moreover, achievement of objectives and focus on country priorities emphasize on the engagement of enterprises from rural areas. With the help of local and foreign experts, Entrepreneurs from the regions have been trained in intensive knowledge use, new technology utilization and innovation implementation.  

08 JUL, 2020