EU-funded project ‘Improved Support for Entrepreneurial Development in Rural Areas’ launches its programme of entrepreneurial training for rural women


On 28 January 2020, the EU-funded project “Improved Support for Entrepreneurial Development in Rural Areas’ launched it’s programme of entrepreneurial training for rural women.

The project started its activities on 8 May 2019. The project partner is the Ministry of Economy and beneficiaries include the Small and Medium Business Development Agency. The objective is to contribute to business development and employment generation across all economic regions of Azerbaijan and to raise rural livelihoods and the quality of life in rural areas and will have a duration of 30 months. The project is being implemented by an international consortium of consulting firms, led by CTNC (Spain) and EKVITA, based in Baku.

An important part of the project is a component to develop the skills and confidence of rural woman to enable them become entrepreneurs.

The training has two parts. The first part was about improving the training skills of the new trainers. This part covered topics basics of adult training and learning styles, preparing, delivering and evaluating an effective training as well as presentation technics. This was carried out with 22 participants on 28, 29 and 30 January in Baku with 21 participants representing AQSIA, ABAD, KOBI, ASK and a number of private sector organisations. The programme was developed and delivered by an international training expert, Umit Evren-Guroler, in collaboration with an Azerbaijani training expert, Orkhan Nabiyev.


The second part of the training is about woman entrepreneurship course that will be delivered in rural areas by the the support of Ekvita. The woman entrepreneurship training covers parts on self-assessment and improving self-esteem for the women in rural areas who are preparing to start a business. The training also includes basic information on entrepreneurship, developing a business idea and planning the business.


28 Jan, 2020