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List of Management Consulting Services

Ad-hoc Tax Advisory Services

  • Provision of tax solution to help business managers/leaders to make rational decisions and/or apply improvements to the way they manage their tax matters as well as address various tax risks
  • Establishing a tax efficient structures for local holding companies
  • Advisory services related to all tax aspects of the activity of entities in Azerbaijan
  • Reviews and analysis of agreements, transactions, payments, etc. from tax implications and risks analysis perspective

International Tax Planning/Structuring

  • Analysis of inbound and outbound investments from tax perspective
  • Choose a tax-efficient ownership, management and operations structure
  • Review of application of double tax treaty regimes, benefits, etc. as well as assistance with claiming tax incentives prescribed in the relevant double tax treaty

Whitening Services

  • Review and analysis of the existing business and tax operations, accounting, tax system, document flow and control, etc.
  • Providing gap analysis report
  • Identifying and Prioritizing focus areas
  • Designing Target Model
  • Actual implementation and monitoring - establishment of effective accounting and tax system, providing technology supported solutions, etc.

Tax Restructuring

  • Review and suggest suitable options to simplify business structure
  • Centralization of functions and their outsourcing to outside organizations
  •  Management of tax costs

Dispute Resolution

  • Assistance with preparation of response to various inquires of tax, social and other authorities
  • Building “defense strategies” for taxpayers and assistance with investigations by the authorities
  • Day-to-day assistance during state audits
  • Assistance with defending position of entities and/or assistance with negotiations of “settlement”
  • Assistance with administrative appeals and appeals before the Board of Appeal under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and negotiations with the authorities
  • Assistance with appeal with different level of courts of the Azerbaijan Republic

Accounting Services

  • Assistance in the initial set-up or review of existing accounting books and records
  • Assistance with day-to-day bookkeeping and preparation of accounts
  • Assistance with bank transfers, cash management etc.
  • Assistance with preparation of accounting reports
  • Assistance with preparation/review of financial statements
  • Assistance with support for year-end closing, statutory reporting and/or internal/external auditors
  • Other accounting services, such as reconstruction of accounting records, preparation of accounting records on the basis of other sources, etc.

Payroll Services

  • Initial set-up of the payroll system
  • Assistance with payroll calculation (calculation of benefits, deductions, sickness, vacation, maternity and other benefits)
  • Registration and deregistration of individuals
  • Payroll accounting
  • Assistance with payment of wages, taxes, social insurance contributions, etc.
  • Assistance with preparation/submission of mandatory payroll reports
  • Assistance with preparation of payroll reports for management
  • Assistance with correspondence with state authorities

Tax Review Services

  • Review of accounting, tax, social insurance and other reports and identification of compliance obligations or applicable risks
  • Assistance to minimize the tax burden
  • Assistance to improve the taxpayer’s tax "health"
  • Assistance to identify tax saving opportunities to decrease “effective tax rate”

Personal Income Tax Services

  • Various individual tax planning such as assistance with registration, calculation of tax liabilities, preparation of tax declarations, etc.
  • Tax effective structuring of remuneration packages
  • Assistance with obtaining of receipt on taxes paid

Tax Compliance

Assistance with calculation, preparation and filing of all statutory returns, such as below:

  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Value Added Tax
  • Withholding Tax compliance services
  • Personal Income Tax for employees and individuals
  • Social Insurance Contribution
  • Property, Road, Excise and other taxes

Preparation for upcoming tax audit

Assistance with optimization of the existing tax system

Issuance of VAT invoice and e-act of acceptance

Confirmation of Taxes Withheld at the Source

  • Review of various details of employees or other physical persons, such as income type of an individual (salary, overtimes, interest, rent, dividends, and other benefits in kind,
  • Preparation of letter of confirmation (statement), summarizing the information on the income source and taxes withheld at the source

Hotline Services

  • Provision of assistance during routine, straightforward and not requiring detailed research (day-to-day) advice, such as verbal advices to address specific tax, customs, social insurance and other related questions raised by appointed persons of the taxpayers
  • Provision of the requested information/documentation on tax regulations and new tax provisions, including general comments on their potential implications

Assistance to Obtain Advance Tax Ruling

  • Assistance with review of business model or planned operations, etc. of entities and identification of applicability of advance tax ruling
  • Assistance with application, meeting/discussion with tax authorities and obtaining of advance tax ruling

Transfer Pricing

  • Assistance with preparation transfer pricing documentation
  • benchmarking studies and monitoring reports and CbCR (country by country reports)
  • Transfer-pricing diagnostics

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Carrying out pre-acquisition or pre-sale tax due-diligence;
  • Advise on necessary restructuring on resolving tax issues and ensuring tax efficient deal structuring and pre-completion guidance
  • Tax analysis of sale/purchase agreements and other deal documentation
  • Provision of post-deal integration services
  • Assistance with implementation and finalization of merger/acquisition

Customs Services

  • Assistance with preparation or review of the customs documentations, including import and export declarations, calculation of the customs duties and taxes;
  • Assistance with customs clearance of imported/exported goods, etc.
  • Analysis of the potential and current administrative fines and / or investigations in the field of customs payments (import duties, import VAT and/or excise taxes);
  • Provision of advice related to import/export procedure, currency control and other customs legislation
  • Obtaining of the customs exemption certificates;
  • Assistance with customs audit

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